The Benefits You Reap From Google Ads for Your Medical Website

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As you can see in today’s generation, digital platforms have been heating up for a couple of years already. It has even heightened when the pandemic started. The competition in the digital advertising space is increasing yearly, which is why making an effort to utilise tools for search ad targeting can make any business profitable when appropriately implemented. 

Speaking of industries and businesses, the medical field has become highly competitive and challenging for many doctors and healthcare providers. Whatever medical field you’re practising, attracting more potential patients to your clinic is not an easy task, especially when you go online. Plus, tons of digital marketing tools are available right now. One of the many tools there is, and a popular one, is Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords and AdWords Express) is one of the most popular and effective advertising platforms in the digital world. It is well-known to increase traffic on websites and boost leads. Google Ads services help you advertise digitally to promote your medical practice depending on the keywords and criteria you use. When you set this up, your website will be posted on the very first page of the Google results, making your ad more noticeable to your audience. 

With so many people looking for medical information online, there is a huge possibility that you can get traction right away with the help of Google Ads. If you’re still doubting the impact that Google Ads can give your website, here are some statistics you can look over:

  • An ad on Google has a click-through rate of 8% on average.
  • Every month, ads displayed on Google gather around 180 million impressions. 
  • 65% of Google users consider the options shown on a Google Ad.

There is no doubt that Google Ads can bring the same benefits to your medical website. We know you have a lot going on, so having a Google Ads specialist can help you create these things for you. Right now, there are other benefits that Google Ads can bring to your medical practice website.

Benefits of Google Ads in Your Medical Practice Website

You only pay per click

With traditional media marketing, radios, TV, newspapers, billboards, and flyers cost a fortune only to attract customers your way. Many forms of digital advertising require medical websites to pay to create the ads.  However, these types of ads have no regard for the ad itself. On the other hand, Google Ads can give you a more cost-effective way to market your medical website. This is because you will only have to pay for every person who clicks your ad, resulting in increased traffic to the website or landing page. 

You can target potential patients

One of the best features Google Ads has is that your efforts in patient-targeting can be put into action. With Google Ads, you can target people in a specific geographical area. This ensures your marketing efforts are not put to waste to advertise to patients that are unlikely to seek your services. After all, if you’re an urgent medical provider, you wouldn’t want to advertise your services to those who are hours away from you. 

Google Ads can increase revenue

Your main goal why you want to hire Google advertising agencies is to boost your revenue, right? Google Ads is a perfect tool for you to market and increase your revenue. Nowadays, people have been coming to Google to find solutions for their health concerns. Statistics have shown that 7% of Google’s daily search is health-related. This means that when you have Google Ads to boost your website up, you can be way ahead of your competitors. Plus, Google Ads managers claim to make $2 for every dollar they spend.

It is easier to monitor competitors

Another feature you can utilise by using Google Adwords is seeing where different businesses bid on keywords. You can also bid for the keywords you want to use for your business for your medical website. Not only that, but you can also see which keywords your competitors are using on theirs. Moreover, you can see the performances of your competitors’ websites and oversee which of their pages are top-performing just from the Google Ads they run.

It can help you track results

Just like the ability to track your competitors’ performances, you can also get a look at what your ad results look like. Google Ads has a tool for that, and it is called “Conversion.” With this tool, you can track the success of the ads you run. This can include how many clients have clicked your ad, the number of people who set an appointment, the number of potential patients who contacted you, the number of clients who signed up for memberships, and many more. Through this, you are also able to oversee how much you’re paying for each conversion.

With all of these benefits, there is no doubt that your medical practice website can certainly use the help of Google Ads to keep your business moving forward. And because more and more medical websites are going online nowadays, you have to step up your game and be ahead of your competitors. 

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