All About Medical Marketing Australia

Transparent. Resourceful. Innovative.

Medical Marketing Australia is a leading digital marketing agency that specialises in General Practice marketing. We know what it takes to connect with prospective patients and retain loyal patients to ensure you increase your patient list. If you want to grow your practice, we can help. When you want to unlock your clinic’s true potential, you turn to the experts. We have compiled hard-earned insights on what makes patients choose one practice over another, and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Our values

Marketing trends come and go, but deeply held and genuine values endure. Everything we do, we do by a set of principles that have become our blueprint for success. What makes us different is that we don’t just say we do business with values. We live it.

We never stop innovating

With our marketing solutions, we can provide General Practices with the tools they need to succeed in this digital-first world. From our automated client on-boarding platform to our finely-tuned campaigns, we never stop innovating.

We get you results

An excellent digital marketing campaign is a must-have for any medical practice, and we’re here to help. We’ll create a campaign with a measurable and positive impact on your bottom line, using data to constantly optimise campaigns for the best results.

We do right by you

For us, a client isn’t just a business deal–we consider them our business partners. We only work with one General Practice in a Local Government Area (LGA). By doing this, we keep your costs low, maximise your budget and ensure your General Practice is the first choice for members of your local community.

We always strive for excellence

Good enough just won’t cut it when it comes to healthcare. We’ve moulded excellence into our DNA, and it’s what we give to every client. We’ve built a successful business on the foundation of excellence and results. Our digital marketing agency goes the extra mile to consult with you and help you succeed.

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