Top Social Media Platforms for Doctors

social media platforms for doctors

A decade ago, companies and businesses were doing marketing differently. If you would remember, they would always utilise different media channels, such as radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, flyers, and many more. Many doctors may have also done this strategy to reach more people. However, these efforts caught almost everyone’s attention, making it difficult to target the audience they really need.

Today, people’s behaviours have changed. They listened to radio, watched TV, and read newspapers less because everything can be already found on social media. As a doctor, Medical Marketing Australia believes social media marketing advertising is an awesome idea to boost yourself online.

How Can Social Media Marketing Channels Help Your Practice?

With the rapid advancement of marketing tools, social media channels can provide tons of benefits for your practice. Like what was mentioned earlier, for instance, radio, TV, and newspaper marketing can cost you a ton of money. These platforms are used by many different types of people who may not even need your help. You can’t even track your marketing efforts by these. With social media marketing, platforms will work around your ad budget, can target your ideal audience, and will be able to track your marketing efforts with just a few clicks.

Here are the top social media channels you can be on to reach your potential audience for physicians like you.

Social Media Channels for Medical Practitioners


Sermo is one of the top social media channels doctors should be in right now. This social media channel is available in many countries already, such as U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, and many more. It is said to be the largest and most successful social site for doctors. 

The site focuses on connecting “verified and credentialed” doctors from over 150 countries worldwide, with plans to expand further globally. The goal of Sermo is medical crowdsourcing, where doctors can ask real-life medical questions anonymously and get answers from their peers. This “virtual doctor’s lounge” has more than 800,000 users and counting. Another cool thing about Sermo is that when you become a member physician, you will have a chance to earn more than $16 million every year in honoraria for weighing in on new and current drugs, techniques, and medical devices for market research firms.


Facebook is one of the many famous social media marketing channels of today. In fact, any industry can thrive by using Facebook for social media marketing campaigns. This site continues to be one of the leading channels to connect people from different parts of the world while still allowing professionals to engage with their existing and prospective clients. As a healthcare professional, we believe using Facebook can help you communicate to current and potential patients but with the proper conduct in mind. 

Nowadays, Facebook has become a social media that can help increase brand awareness, patient engagement, and a strong impact on local SEO practice. They also help with lead generation and driving new clients to your page. As a physician on Facebook, it would be an excellent idea to provide relevant and valuable content, and spur thought discussions about your area of practice. This can be an excellent social media advertising strategy for you.


Instagram is another favourite social media channel and the fastest-growing social media platform. This site is inherently known for image and video-heavy content to help users connect and engage. If you’re a physician looking to grow your reach on Instagram, it would be an excellent way to engage and communicate to your patients by sharing images of procedures, results, practice, and even testimonials from your previous patients. Posting consistent high-quality content can help your Instagram page grow and be known to your target audience. 

Physicians can best take advantage of Instagram for lead generation, potential local patient targeting, medical retail, healthcare events and conferences, cosmetic services, aesthetics, beauty, surgery, and search to start your social media marketing campaigns with Instagram. Also, because this platform is already saturated as it is, using the appropriate hashtags and keywords can draw potential clients to get attracted to your page. 


It’s obvious that from the few years that have passed, more and more people have been going on YouTube to become “vloggers”. This has given YouTube more power to influence people to go on their phones, watch videos, and stay on it for a while. YouTube marketing has clearly become an extremely effective social media platform for many people. This platform can also help you out, especially when you’re not camera-shy. 

YouTube marketing can be an effective platform for the healthcare industry and physicians marketing for their practice. This can significantly provide an outlet for doctors to give vital medical information to their audience. Since YouTube is also a video-based platform, it has become the second largest search engine today. This means people have been going to YouTube more often to get information about their queries. It is a fantastic way for doctors to get involved by recording creating short videos, 101s, educational pieces, and more. 

Social media campaigns can be too time-consuming for someone as hardworking as you. Let a social media marketing agency help you with your needs! Medical Marketing Australia can provide you with the most updated marketing practices for your social media pages. To help you get to know more about this, check out our website or book a demo with us here

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